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Vunja is a Swahili word that marks the site of strange ruptures but then invites celebration and dance with/in those cracks.

You can think of “Vunja” as breakdance – the dance that breaks, and the breaks that instigate dances. In a profound sense, Vunja is what blackness seeks: breakages, openings in the coherence and purity of the master, cracks in the veneer of confidence, rifts in the vast territorial ‘body’ of the Man. We believe that these cracks are sites of excess where things spill over, where new forms of becoming-together might be cultivated. Vunja is a political and spiritual technology for gathering together, for assembling things in a queer way, for performing research.

Vunja is closest to the heart of what We Will Dance with Mountains wants to do with politics: we want to see a groundswell and flashing-up of manifold creativities.



Welcome to the village. To Vunja.

We Will Dance with Mountains is an aesthetics of the endtime, an exploration of Dr. Akomolafe’s postactivism.



What will we explore?

We want to track new senses, share recipes of eating and being eaten, invite new smells and sights.



What to expect

Here's what you might expect if you become part of We Will Dance with Mountains: Vunja!



Is this course for you?

Please read this carefully: this course is not for everyone. And not everyone is invited.

Dance with mountains

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