Gatekeeper and Course Support

Fiston Muganda

Fiston Muganda, a Congolese refugee residing in Uganda, embodies a profound commitment to activism encompassing community development, social work, and the establishment of ethical and legislative frameworks.

His  presence in this course aims to unveil diverse communities and individuals within his sphere, acting as a catalyst for transformative experiences. Fiston aspires to transcend the ordinary and imbue the course with an ethereal quality, reminiscent of the awe-inspiring sight of the aurora borealis or the profound impact of encountering an extraterrestrial civilization—an awakening amidst the mundane fabric of suburbia. Fiston looks forward to making the course  feel like an ‘event, in Bayo's words: "like the viewing of the aurora borealis, or the arrival of an extra-terrestrial civilization. A shock to the senses. An eruption in the flatness of suburbia".

Dance with mountains

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