What to expect



What to expect

Session Offerings

  • Rich explorations and provocative 3-hour live sessions every other Sunday for three months (nine sessions in total between September 3 and December 17, 2023)
  • A trans-local community of 1500-2000 fellow students, artists, teachers, mothers, midwives, children, elders, wanderers and otherwise  from across the planet weaving a rich tapestry of cross-cultural inquiry and possibilities.
  • Live sessions including a blend of ceremony, playful chaos, inquiry, practice, and talk.
  • Lectures from Bayo Akomolafe and a constellation of other powerful teachers. 
  • Regional meetups (where possible), party-making and ritual-creation in the spirit of making sanctuary.
  • Open spaces for discussions and sharing of questions and convictions.
  • Cooking and eating together
  • Specific agoras for Black folks, People of Colour, and White-identified People
  • Post-session notes
  • The availability of a dedicated Care Team
  • An interactive online community space for sharing and connecting outside the live sessions
  • Research and writing cohorts
  • Artist collaborations
  •  Music, dance, and theatre
  • Offline invitations, practices and prompts between sessions
  • Confusion and bewilderment
  • Prayer
  • Emergent curriculum: nothing is fixed or final here. The collective is the more prestigious guru, and the course is flexible enough to listen to your needs and adapt to them.

Dance with mountains

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