Music Curator


Tamil Nadu-raised and New York-born critically acclaimed vocalist ganavya lives, learns, and loves fluidly from the nexus of many frameworks and understandings.

Hers is a deeply profound and rooted voice.  A transdisciplinary creator, she is a soundsmith and wordsmith. Trained as an improviser, scholar, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist, she maintains an inner library of “spi/ritual” blueprints offered to her by an intergenerational constellation of collaborators, continuously anchoring her practice in pasts, presents, and futures. Both as an educator and student, she “wishes to study and bring liberative techniques into this world… study certain dyads: what empowers, who is disempowered; what heals, who is ailing— and wishes to wed the two.” Hailed as “among modern music's most compelling vocalists” (Wall Street Journal) "extraordinary" (DownBeat) and "most enchanting" (NPR), New York Times says: “No matter the language or the content, Ganavya’s voice is a thick ephemera, like smoke as dark as ink, just coming off the fire.”

Dance with mountains

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