Creative Director

Jiordi Rosales

Jiordi is an errant mime caught between processes of combustion and photosynthesis.

Traced by Jewish and Mexican lineages of the Northern Sonoran desert, jiordi is fluent in nonsense and loves the interspecies gossip of rural communities. Attentive to birds, patterns and forms of learning that most permit joy, humor, mystery, and contradiction, Jiordi’s life work orbits crafting pedagogies for crumbling futures. When he isn’t busy chasing goats across impassable terrain, jiordi offers creative direction for WWDWM and co-curates programming for climate mutation at the School for Inclement Weather in Northern California with his beloveds. He is a prescribed fire practitioner, forest technician, writer, cellist, and designer of stringed instruments. Also known as Janus, the two-faced janitor standing at thresholds to watch in both directions, his current season of work is concerned with the loss of meaning among meaningful spaces. Loitering awkwardly at doorways between art production and beingness, he seeks to be an air filter for honest encounters.

Dance with mountains

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