Transponder of Chaos & Order

Sayani Mantri

Sayani has been living with her family and their dog Majnu for the last 3 years in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Almost all of her actions (& inaction) at present are guided by her spiritual journey. After much traveling and movement within and out, there seems to be a settling feeling about just being at home for now, physically and otherwise. The mundane has never made more sense to her as it does now while she's enjoying not having to make sense of the larger picture and finding meaning in everything. Little things and jobs that need to be done throughout the day, like being in Satsang, praying, walking and feeding Majnu, caring for her grandparents, supporting her parents and brother with their work and now assisting Bayo are what make up most part of her days. She absolutely loves watching movies, shows, taking long walks, working out and a good coffee.

Dance with mountains

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