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Anisa-Sima Hawley

Anisa is a friend, child, sibling, shapeshifter, and goofball whose emergent praxis of “fielding imaginative futures through presence” is guided by acts of radical care, tenderness, and subversive failure.

A descendent of Iranian and European lineages, Anisa is moved by (ancestral) prayer to engage with place-making, hold and metabolize grief/joy, and stretch across spatial and temporal thresholds. Shaped by their ever-unfolding relationship with tilted axes of queerness, neurodivergence, and liminality, they are enchanted by modes of embodied and speculative story-ing, some of which include: dance, textile art, and ceramics. Alongside their soma-poetic practices, they have spent several years as a ‘teacher’ and caretaker of young children, from whom they continue to learn (and un-learn) a great deal. They currently reside in the hills of Santa Ana, California with their dog, Miso, who reminds them of the importance of rest, playfulness, and simply being.

Dance with mountains

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