Minder of Course Administration & Interior Correspondence

Aparna Bakhle

Originating in Mumbai, India, Aparna is a body of water weathering containment.

As a commitment to resonance, she seeks attunement. She cracks constructs while unmaking the meaning/s of her multiple identities. Intimate with invisibility as woman, artist and mother, Aparna’s praxis embraces queering failure. She co-founded RhythmPharm as a Temporary Autonomous Zone way back in 2004 to help facilitate what ethnobotanist Terence McKenna calls the “felt presence of immediate experience.” As a place tending consultant, she has initiated, curated and managed global as well as local public and community arts projects, events & festivals. A founding librarian at The Library of Future Feeling, an emergent collective sourcing the knowing field,  she currently speculates on enoughness and the ‘ethics of becoming  imperceptible.’  Aparna also recently completed FLOW Facilitation training for Good Grief Network’s 10 Steps to Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate.

Dance with mountains

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