Dancing with Mountains is an academic consultancy and project management sole proprietorship based out of Chennai, India, that works to promote, represent, develop, and manage the public intellectualism, knowledge output, and pedagogical offerings around Dr. Bayo Akomolafe’s timely concepts of postactivism and ontofugitivity.

Dancing with Mountains serves as the corporate base for offerings associated with Dr. Akomolafe’s pedagogical inquiries and efforts to convene different modes of response-ability in troubling times.


We, at Dancing with Mountains, believe that these times call for unprecedented forms of organization, bold new thinking in the directions of exquisite formulations, and a form of coming together that emphasizes the oft-elided idea that people are not reducible to their ‘jobs’.

There is a need for work cultures that sidestep the stringent linearity of upward mobility and promotional algorithms for sideways arrangements that allow people to create together and live magically through the tragic poetry of troubling times.

Dr. Bayo Akomolafe calls this transversal organizational arrangement “travelling troubadours of tricksters.”