Omar Ali

Omar Ali is a creative mind with a taste for adventure, storytelling, and trouble-making. Born in Japan and educated in the UK, he's an Egyptian-American who's found his heart in Amsterdam.

Omar's time at the University of St Andrews was a mix of studying, writing, photography, and producing. His creative pursuits led him to co-found Ampersand (more about storytelling than grammar than the name might suggest).

After university, he donned different hats: Multimedia Producer at THNK, co-founder of Sandbox, and most recently a leadership role at Metabolic. He likes to keep things interesting by connecting the dots in unexpected ways.

Omar is a guy who loves what he does, whether it's crafting strategies, bringing ideas to life, or pulling an all-nighter to watch the sunrise. Call him a storyteller, an entrepreneur, or an eccentric; he's just happy to be supporting causes that inspire people to think and act differently.

Dance with mountains

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