Artist + Creativity Ecologist

Krista Dragomer

Krista Dragomer is an interdisciplinary artist working in visual art, text, and sound, often in collaboration with experimental filmmakers, new media artists, musicians, and academics in the fields of religion, philosophy, and anthropology.

In symbiosis with her artwork is her teaching and mentorship practice, Drawing on the Senses. DOTS is the practice for what Krista calls ecologies of creativity.  Krista approaches creativity as an aliveness, a form of presence, a coming into relation with the myriad forms of sentience encountered through the senses. She sees her work, as a whole, to be an exploration of sensory entanglement, transtaxonomic and transtemporal forms of embodiment.

You can see/hear/read Krista's work at and and follow her on Instagram at @kristadragomerart

Dance with mountains

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