Resident-Sailor & Course Handyman

Ishaan Aggarwal

Ishaan (he/him) lives in quiet contradictions, and takes interest in the poetics and politics of kinship.

An embodied errancy has taken him back to the land and into the wilds, to communities in south India where he is unlearning and practicing the arts of being/becoming-with. ​In troubling and rupturing modernity, he is ​called towards an ecofeminist, coliberatory, swaraj'i, and queer paradigm of relational ontologies and multispecies worlds.​ His mercurial leanings and paths have brought him to Dancing With Mountains (Chennai) where he is supporting WWDWM; his other vocations are with a couple of Bangalore-based non-profits on ecological education, decolonial pedagogies, and curating creative offerings such as the climate onion newsletter and an intersectional film club. While navigating anthropy, Ishaan regulates himself by staring at ceilings and peering into the skies in wonder, smelling textures, dwelling in his neuro-spiciness, and making malfunctioning, old and withering belongings still feel alive.

Dance with mountains

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